One of life's greatest dreams is to own a home.

Rock Ridge Homes’ founding premise was to help people realize that dream.  


Our Philosophy 

“Building Quality Custom Homes” - It's more than a motto or advertising allure. It's our philosophy. And while you may never have thought about all that goes into building a home, you'll be glad we did. Our buyers get so much more out of their homes because so much more thought and attention to all the details goes into every home.

Today's homebuyers are interested in purchasing a HOME - not just a house. We take the time to create a home that meets all your lifestyle needs. We want you to see your house as your home, not just the four walls that surround you.

At Rock Ridge Homes, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We realize our relationship with you, the buyer, does not end with the closing of your home. Our team will gladly take care of all your needs from the time you meet with your sales consultant to the time of receiving your keys and beyond.

When Rock Ridge Homes builds a home, we understand that we are providing the homebuyer with much more than just a house. We know that for most it will be their single largest purchase and the homebuyer is choosing a home where they will build friendships, create lasting memories, spend precious time with family and enjoy valuable leisure time.

For that reason Rock Ridge Homes, maintains a commitment to not only build and sell quality houses, but also to build a “HOME” that reflects the homebuyer’s personality, needs and lifestyle.

Jason Doell- CEO/President
Rock Ridge Homes Inc.