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Custom Home Building: Things to Know for Growing Families

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

A wise choice is to purchase the home of your dreams, particularly if your family is expanding. You want a home that will be your family's forever home and provide a safe environment for your developing children.

When creating your custom home, there are a few things to consider. You can see that the secret to achieving your dream home is planning and preparation.

Remember these eight crucial steps as part of your due diligence when custom building a home, especially if you're starting a family.

1. Home Layout

Staying to the norm when building your first home can be tempting, but you should be creative. Consider yourself a resident of the house. What facets of your life are most crucial? Using coloured floor designs makes it easier to identify areas for entertaining, storing items, relaxing, and having flexible space.

For instance, many young couples want unobstructed indoor and outdoor sightlines so they can keep an eye on their kids at all times. Typically, this entails an open floor plan with outdoor doors and windows. Visualize your desired level of visibility in each space.

If you anticipate growing your family, talk to your builder about adding a fourth or fifth bedroom. Remember that a three-bedroom house might quickly become too crowded with children!

Lastly, think about the sleeping areas. You should be ready for the worst, even if you don't have kids. Kids frequently wake up at night and require comfort or assistance. Make it easier for them and for you to meet this need.

2. Storage and Organization

Finding a place for everything and keeping things organized can be challenging as your family grows and everyone's schedules become busier. You can maintain order by working with your builder to add storage spaces and a well-organized layout.

Designating specific areas for dropping things off and using mudroom organization strategies can help keep the clutter under control and stop it from spreading throughout your house.

3. Living Areas

Many couples decide to include areas for entertaining and relaxing when building their first house. A patio or deck, for instance, is a common addition. This outdoor space offers a lovely, natural place to gather and dine and the appearance of a larger home, but it is typically only used during nice weather.

Another enjoyable feature is a game or family room, frequently included in a home's basement or lower level. What could be more ideal than a location where everyone can be a little messier without obstructing the main living areas?

4. Convenience

We all try to make the most of our time because we know how fast it goes. You can do this by building conveniences into your new home, like a laundry room on the first or second level. Put the washer and dryer in the mudroom or drop-off area so dirty hats, scarves, socks, jerseys, and mittens can be washed immediately.

However, modern young families like to spend less time commuting around the house and more time with their loved ones. Traditionally, laundry facilities were situated in the basement or lower level.


It can be challenging to build a house, but with careful planning and persistence, you can create the home of your dreams. The things mentioned above will influence how your new home is built. Above all else, they will help you find the perfect house for your growing family.

If you need a reliable custom home builder in Saskatchewan to save you the hassle, Rock Ridge Homes Inc. is here for you! We focus on our client's dreams and work with them to build their dream home, from concept to creation! Contact us now!

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