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I often talk to people who have had bad experiences with their builders and I almost feel embarrassed when they asked how our experience was, since I do not have one negative thing to say and have to hold myself back from gushing too profusely. Every time I walk into our house, I think of how lucky we were to have found Rock Ridge Homes and to know that every single inch of our house is of the highest quality.

Right from the start it was apparent that Rock Ridge Homes and Jason were a perfect fit for us. Jason was there every step of the way offering honest advice, built on years of experience - telling us where our money was best spent, warning us if our decisions would put us over budget, ensuring we made decisions in a timely fashion in order to avoid delays. More than once, Jason talked us out of bad decisions and steered us toward great decisions. I don’t regret a single choice that we made with regards to our house and the lion’s share of the credit for that goes to Jason.

Besides Jason’s guidance, another equally great strength of Rock Ridge Homes is the team of contractors that they bring to the table. Every single tradesperson that worked on our house was excellent and it speaks to Jason’s character, and his drive for total perfection and customer satisfaction, that he was able to assemble such a team.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our cabinets. Crafted by Rock Ridge Homes, they are one of the things we get the most compliments on. We nearly doubled our cabinet budget once we saw the quality craftsmanship of Rock Ridge’s work (by adding built-in mud room cabinetry, bookshelves and dressers throughout, and more); however, it was all worth it and money well spent, as we are truly happy with the functionality of each room. Now every room has a custom space for our things—a definite necessity when you have kids toys, seasonal clothing, extra dishes and various items that you want to craftily hide or have a defined place for.

When we stumbled across a river lot, we knew that it was going to require a special house—a custom house that would be worthy of the “river status”—and fortunately we were lucky enough to have been told about the best builder in town. We never for one second regretted our decision to pick Rock Ridge Homes, and for that, we now have a house that is the envy of our neighbourhood and all that drive and float by it on the river.

Bryan and Leah

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