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Rock Ridge Homes Inc., Custom Home Builder Canada, Canada Home Builder, Modern Custom Homes

One of life's greatest dreams is to own a home.

Rock Ridge Homes’ founding premise was to help people realize that dream.  



Rock Ridge Homes Inc. offers custom home plan, garage plan, infill design, multifamily design, renovation design, cabin and cottages plan services. Our team of professionals’ design with our clients’ needs in mind while providing quality and accurate floor plans and blueprints.



STAGE 1.  We meet to discuss your ideas and requirements for your project and discuss price. Within a few days we will provide you with a concept and preliminary plan.

STAGE 2. REVISIONS – Once you have reviewed the drawings, we will meet again and go through any and all your suggestions and changes to plan. This process may take multiple “check sets” of plans to ensure the design of your home is perfect for YOU!!

STAGE 3. CONSTRUCTION PLAN – Once you are satisfied with the concept plan, a full set of construction plans will be produced and will be permit and construction ready!

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